Cash for Clothes

Do you have old clothes that you don’t need anymore? Are you tired of having piles of old clothes that you don’t wear anymore lying around the house and taking up space? Look no more! We have great news for you. We are an organisation that buys old or new clothes, shoes, belts, baby items and many other gently used household clothing items and can give you Cash for Clothing. Our process is guaranteed and easy to use. We will come to you to pick them up, and let us know when and where to pick them up. You must fill at least three bags, but can fill as many as you want to fill after that.

All of our drivers are of good character, polite, and will sport our company ID, as well as a uniform and the company logo on their trucks. We pay you well for your clothes, depending on the state of the items.

Cash For Clothing

Our system can be used easily as a form of fundraising at schools, businesses, personal collections, churches, and many other places. We pick up any time other than on Sundays. We can give you Cash for Clothing. Our clothing is sent to other countries for those who are less fortunate, and this is a great way to keep landfills from filling up so quickly. Visit our web page at and book a pick up as soon as possible! We have a list of items that we do not accept on our page as well.

If you have extra items lying around that you want to donate or sell, look no further. We will come pick them up from you and then payment will be made. Don’t just throw your old clothing away. Call, text, or email us to schedule a pickup from one of our friendly drivers today.

We can give you cash for old clothes which are sent to third world countries or those experiencing situations resulting in extreme poverty. If they can’t be reused will either go for fibre reclamation to be made into new clothes or other textiles.