Money For Old Clothes

A New Life for your Old Clothes

How many closets do you have in your house? Do you find yourself often out of hangers? Do you wish you had money and space for the latest fashion? Now you can get both, and it couldn’t be any simpler. Cash for Clothing will give you money for old clothes. You can make as much as 65p a kilo! sell old clothes.

These old clothes will truly be given a new life. Those still in good condition will be donated to impoverished or third world nations. Those that can’t be worn again will go toward fibre reclamation and turned into new clothes or other textiles. This cuts down waste, helps the environment, and helps make new clothes cheaper. People in extreme poverty often cannot afford new clothes. With your help now they can have access to the same styles and fashion you have enjoyed and we give you money for old clothes.

We give you money for old clothes at Cash for Clothing it is the simplest thing. Call 01384 232 238 or email to request a pack. Cash for Clothing will send you as bags to fill. Arrange a date and time for pickup and we will send a driver out to you. There is no need to even leave your house! Cash for Clothing operates nationally all across the UK from Avon to Worcestershire. Check our website homepage for a full listing of areas. Once your bags have been picked up we will then make payment.

There is no reason to wait. You can have closet space again, and the extra money for new fashion makes it all the better. Out with the old, in with the new, and you can do it happily. This isn’t the same as throwing them away, and it is better than giving to charity because you can get cash. You can still feel like you have done a good thing because every item you sell helps improve the lives of people in extreme poverty. Help the Earth and help its people all at the same time. Call Cash for Clothing today and arrange your pickup time.