Recycle Books

You can get cash for books with cash for clothing and clear space in your home

Your bookshelves have books on them that have been gathering dust for the last several years. When you go to the bookstore, you fear buying anymore because you know you won’t have any room for them. When you move house, you have more boxes of books than you have of other items in your house combined. What is saddest is that you have not read most of the books that you own.

Give your books a new home. Call Cash for Clothing to request a bag to be sent through the post to your address. Fill the bag up with your old books. We will send your books to other countries where the English written word is scarce. Someone else will want to read your unwanted books.

In addition recycle books with Cash for Clothing and we will take your old clothes. In fact, we will pay you for both your clothing and can give you cash for books . You can make money on the stuff that has been cluttering your wardrobes and your bookshelves for the last several years. Use the money to purchase new clothes that you will actually wear or books that you will really read.

By contacting Cash for Clothing, you will be making a positive difference in the lives of many people. Those clothes that cannot be worn again by individuals in other countries will be reclaimed and made into new clothes or other types of textiles. Your clothes stay out of the landfills, and you are decreasing the amount of waste in the world. You help the environment, other people, and your pocketbook. Your home also becomes cleaner in the process. There is no way to lose by contacting Cash for Clothing and getting clothes for cash

You can reach Cash for Clothing by phone or by contacting us on our contact page. We are ready to send you as many bags as you will need, whether it is with books or clothing. Simply fill up the bags when you receive them, and then let us know when to pick them up.